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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cook'n Recipe Software

A couple years ago I went on a massive internet search for an easy-to-use, works-for-me program that would allow me to enter my own recipes and print them out. Good grief! Who knew there were so many. I investigated each one thoroughly. There were always some nice features, but none did everything I wanted it to do in an easy and useful format.

I was just about ready to give up when I found Cook'n. This product filled every demand I asked it to and more. I know I sound like a salesman, but I don't get any kickback for writing this blog. The only reason I'm taking the time to write about Cook'n is because I think it's fabulous and I know there are others who are searching for recipe software like this.

This page will provide a brief summary of the features.

Some of the features I really like:
*I can add my own recipes, along with pictures
*I don't have to type out complete words for each ingredient, i.e. cup, large, onion; as soon as I start to type the word the program completes the word for me.
*If a word or product isn't already part of the program I can add it.
*I can plan a weekly menu and Cook'n will provide me with a shopping list.
*There are tons of cookbooks available to incorporate into Cook'n, such as Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Taste of Home, Gooseberry Patch and even one for Cook'n with Weber.
*It will adjust ingredient amounts for different serving sizes.
*Organizes the shopping list into dairy, meats, frozen, etc.
*It provides nutritional analysis - even for my recipes!

If you are interested you can view a 13 min. demo that shows you how to use all the features.

The reason I bought this product is so I could easily enter my own recipes, add a picture of the recipe and then print a book for me and each of my children. I hope I get that done before I die. I've started two cookbooks within the software - one for me that will include all sorts of delicious recipes, both family favorites and those the kids turn their nose up at but that Candleman and I really like and another one for the kids that will only include family favorites.